Aerospace and Defense

Ben Schwartz leads the U.S.-India Business Council’s Defense and Aerospace Committee. In this capacity, he advocates for pro-trade policies before senior officials in the Office of the Indian Prime Minister, Indian Ministry of Defense, Indian Ministry of External Affairs as well as in Washington D.C. before U.S. Armed Services, Foreign Affairs and other congressional committee staffs and a myriad of executive branch agencies, including the National Security Council, State Department, Commerce Department and Defense Department.

Schwartz previously served in a range of positions within the U.S. national security community, including at the Department of State, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense. As Director for India in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he directly supported Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and Undersecretary Frank Kendall in implementing the U.S.-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative. In this capacity, Schwartz was instrumental in establishing groundbreaking U.S.-India aircraft carrier and jet engine technology cooperation and securing Prime Minister Modi and President Obama’s commitment to new private sector DTTI “pathfinder projects”. Within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Schwartz also served as the Director for Singapore and the South China Seas as well as an advisor for Special Operations, Combating Terrorism and Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction. He is the author of Right of Boom (Overlook Press, 2015), which focuses on threats posed by nuclear weapons and his unclassified writings have appears in journals such as the Wall Street Journal, The American Interest, the Diplomat, the Washington Post, and Orbis as well as various newspapers.