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United States

Carolyn Posner

Phone: +1 202-281-7345



Priyanka Sethi

Phone: +91 9899487687


While the Council is structured into eleven industry-based verticals to allow for sector-specific advocacy and advisory services, much of our work is conducted through initiatives which draw engagement from members across a wide range of sectors. These initiatives are designed to be flexible and responsive to emerging issue areas. From discussions of data governance and CSR, which touch nearly all of our members, to more niche debates around 21st century transportation models and work visas, we are always seeking to advance the issues that matter most to our members.

Many of our initiatives also involve extensive collaboration with our colleagues at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who cover issues like intellectual property, immigration and data from a domestic perspective. While activities vary depending on the initiative, many feature regular priority setting conference calls, weekly or monthly member updates, and opportunities to participate in discussions with key government officials and thought leaders.

For more information on our initiatives, please reach out to the contact listed below:

E-commerce & Data Privacy: Jay Gullish and Abhishek Kishore
E-mobility: Lauren Diekman and Raghvendra Upadhya
FinTech: Nileema Pargaonker
Immigration: Jay Gullish and Michael Ridings
Indo-Pacific: Jasjit Singh and Lauren Diekman
CSR & Social Impact: Carolyn Posner and Priyanka Sethi