West Coast Engagement, Financial Services, Media and Entertainment

Thea Uppal leads West Coast Engagement for the U.S.-India Business Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She works to advance the policy advocacy and investment agendas important to west coast companies, and facilitates connections with visiting Indian government officials and U.S. federal and state government stakeholders.

Uppal leads West Coast-based work to advance the Council’s Energy and Environment and Media and Entertainment Committees, as well as USIBC’s Fintech & Payment Platform platform. Uppal also works with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s International Division, helping to engage new industries and regional stakeholders by supporting trilateral summits, major industry forums and cross-cutting platforms for the many foreign markets that draw investment from the United States.

Prior to joining USIBC in 2013, Uppal lived in Canada. She worked in the film industry in production, marketing and sales and held several research positions focused on foreign markets, including commodity chain analysis in India, financial inclusion and food security in Canada, and sustainable world city development in Asia. A native of Arizona, Uppal received a B.A. in Asian Area Studies and an M.A. Asia Pacific Policy Studies, with a concentration in economic and social change in India, from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. As a graduate student, she also worked for the Institute of Asian Research, where she foucsed on China-India relations and Tibetan studies and coordinated her first international summit. Uppal has also studied several South Asian languages, Urdu calligraphy, Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Fine Art, and Photography at the University of Arizona. She lives in Northern California with her husband.