The U.S. and India should set an ambitious goal for their trading relationship to better manage trade tensions between the two countries, the head of a major business group tells Inside U.S. Trade.

“You need to have a larger basket of things that have wins on both sides for there to be a real desire to engage and a real desire to give, to compromise, to reach accommodation,” Nisha Biswal, the president of the U.S.-India Business Council said in a July 23 interview.

“And right now, U.S.-India trade ends up being like a knife fight in an alley; each side is fighting over each issue, because they don’t see the larger piece.” “If you don’t put the U.S. and India on the path to creating an overarching bilateral framework, like a bilateral free trade agreement, bilateral investment treaty, … there is no incentive for either side to really give and compromise,” she added.

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Source: Inside U.S. Trade