WASHINGTON: The Pentagon and India’s Ministry of Defense are working together to “tailor” a standardized version of the Predator B Reaper attack drone for use by all three Indian armed services, with officials actively discussing how to finalize the long-planned sale.

Key to revising, and finalizing, export of the armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is the ongoing effort by the Indian Army and Air Force to define their requirements, and the parallel work by India’s MoD to ensure that the sophisticated drone systems can work with current service platforms and systems, says Ben Schwartz of the Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-India Business Council.

“The weapons systems, the avionics suite, the communications suite — they all need to be tailored to India’s needs, so it works with their other equipment,” he told me on Wednesday. “Then there is the issue of integration with their other platforms.”


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Source: Breaking Defense