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Doing Business in India – The Guide for US Businesses and Organizations Entering and Expanding into India

Foreword by Nisha Biswal, President of the U.S.-India Business Council and Senior Vice President for South Asia at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The fast evolving and moving United States – India partnership is founded on common set of values, robust democratic systems, and on deep cultures of entrepreneurship. Our countries also enjoy longstanding people- to-people ties that make them natural strategic partners. As leaders around the globe reassess their approach to global trade and investment and recover from disrupted supply chains, both nations have the capacity to catalyse areas of growth to achieve the shared goal of US$ 500 billion in two-way trade. This will require a strategic look at market-based reforms, deeper cooperation in research and development and a dynamic assessment of key sectors that need a targeted boost within the bilateral economic relationship.

Though the trade trajectory has been positive, there is still significant untapped potential in the U.S-India commercial relationship. Trade between our two countries reached nearly $150 billion in 2019, but the maximum potential can be reached by fostering a deeper connect between small and medium businesses at
the state and local level of both the countries. As part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, USIBC is linked to a network of thousands of state, city, and metro chambers of commerce and will continue to leverage its networks for delivering value to its members and the larger business community across states and cities in both countries. USIBC is committed to supporting American businesses make their first forays into India and be a critical leader to increase bilateral trade and investment.

I congratulate Nishith Desai Associates and Sannam S4 for taking the initiative to author the “Doing Business in India” report. Investment guides like the“Doing Business in India”are excellent resources for businesses that are evaluating India as a viable option and are critical towards the achievement of the $500 billion goal in two-way trade.

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