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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

All day event Pittsburgh PA

For most corporations, doing business in India presents
tremendous opportunities as well as challenges.
Challenges can be overcome with logistical planning and
support, but to transcend the challenges and take full
advantage of opportunities requires an understanding
of cultural dynamics, an appreciation of the depth and
richness of tradition and heritage, and an engaged
understanding of India’s place in the culture and
economy of globalization.

India 360 is designed to provide a “360-degree” perspective
on heritage and the uniqueness of tradition with an eye
on the relationship among culture, business and the
professions in contemporary India.

Each topic will be taught as a module in a highly interactive,
engaging format. For example, the module on Urban
Planning and Architecture will be taught in the Indian
Nationality Room by the award winning architect, Deepak
Wadhwani. The module on health and medicine will be
taught by a team of UPMC physicians who have worked
both in India and the United States, touching on public
health, medical infrastructure and the pharmaceutical
industry in India. Two well-known dance instructors,
Shambhavi Desai and Dr. Kamala Reddy, will demonstrate
the techniques of Indian dance traditions while explaining
subtle aspects of the relationship between a master
teacher and a disciple. Making use of carefully selected
scenes from block-buster films, Dr. Pragya Malkani of Chatham University will provide a dynamic overview
of India’s movie industry and the fascinating culture
of Bollywood.

Each module will be approximately two hours long,
with the module structure accommodating meals, one
focusing on food preparation, festivals and the history
of social etiquette. There will also be an excursion to an
internationally renowned center of Hindu pilgrimage in
Pittsburgh, the Sri Venkateswara Temple. While visiting
the temple participants will observe and/or participate in
arti puja.

India 360 will be offered by The Tepper School of Business,
Carnegie Mellon University, and the Asian Studies Center,
University of Pittsburgh, in close collaboration with the
Consul General of India in New York.

For more details, please contact: exec-director@andrew.cmu.edu