Nisha Biswal President
Amy Hariani Vice President
Ryan Miller Head, Strategy & Corporate Relations
Sanchit Aggarwal Sr. Mgr., Food & Ag, Legal Services, CSR
Nayanima Basu Director, Communication & Strategy
Shefali Dhar Manager- Energy, CSR, Operations
Kelsey Cadden Associate Mgr, Operations
Harshika Errangani Director, Corporate Relations
Lauren Diekman Head, Environment & Energy
Jay Gullish Head, Digital Economy, Media and Entertainment
Frank Hollowell Director, Energy, Infrastructure & Smart Cities
Abhishek Kishore Sr. Director, Digital Economy; Deputy Director (India office)
Jahaanvi Events Coordinator
Sandeep Maini Head, Life Sciences, Food and Agriculture, Retail
Nick Mancini Head, Transportation, Logistics, Civil Aviation
Sidhanta Mehra Senior Manager, States Engagement
Nileema Pargaonker Head, Financial Services & Real Estate
Carolyn Posner President's Office, Initiatives, CSR
Osamazaid Rahman Deputy Director, Aerospace & Defense
Michael Ridings Associate Manager, Immigration Working Group
Mayank Rohatgi Director, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Logistics
Ben Schwartz Head, Aerospace & Defense
Sukanya Sen Director, Communications
Rohan Sirkar Senior Director, Financial Services & Real Estate
Thea Uppal Director, West Coast, Renewables, Fintech, M&E