The 2018 India Conference on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (IIPC)

9:00 AM
6:00 PM

In coordination with the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the U.S. Chamber’s Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC), the U.S.-India Business Council's invites you to the 2018 Indian Conference on Innovation, intellectual Property and Competition.  The conference will have pre-conference dialogues and workshop anchored by Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Indian School of Business. Topics include Competition Economics, Growth and Innovation, The Evolving Jurisdiction for Innovation Ecosystem in India, Economics of Innovation, Licensing and IPR in India - Past Trends & Future Roadmap, Trade, Innovation and IPR - TRIPs+ and Beyond.  The workshop will include experts from industry, academia, Indian policy makers, and civil society. This event is open to members and the public.  Registration and further details are available at:

For more information, please write to Hemal Shah ( or Sandeep Maini (