January 11, 2018

Shri Arun Jaitley

Honorable Union Minister of Finance

Ministry of Finance, Government of India

North Block, New Delhi, 110 011

Re:  USIBC Submission for Pre-Budget Memorandum for 2018-2019

Dear Honorable Minister Jaitley,

On behalf of the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) and our membership comprised of the world’s top global companies investing in India, it is my honor to submit to you this memorandum in anticipation of the 2018-2019 Union Budget.

Across all sectors, USIBC remains committed to supporting the Government of India in the implementation of policies that support the exciting momentum underway that will continue to propel India’s growth story. These efforts include implementation of the Goods and Services Tax Regime, the regulatory framework for the Bankruptcy and Insolvency legislation, and improvements under India’s Ease of Doing Business initiatives.

USIBC stands as a full partner to growing a thriving new chapter in the India-U.S. commercial partnership. The Council respectfully presents recommendations in this Memorandum that will align Indian policies with international norms and will help to:

1)   Create a fair, transparent tax environment;

2)   Grow the economy by attracting long-term foreign investment; and

3)   Bolster a sound policy framework for growth of business

USIBC remains grateful to you for your leadership and for your favorable consideration of these recommendations


Nisha Biswal

President, U.S.-India Business Council

Download USIBC's Pre-Budget Memo below.