March Newsletter from the Legal Services Committee

We are pleased to present the latest issue of the Newsletter of the US-India Business Council’s Legal Services Executive Committee. In this edition, our authors tackle another group of diverse, wide-ranging, and critical topics. These include a consideration of the regulation of ecommerce in India; the attractiveness of the LLP as a vehicle for doing business in the country; U.S. Congressional action relating to the Indian IT sector; essential legal rights of Indian women; how data management systems can reduce risk for Big Pharma; the prospect of two Indian parties having a foreign seat for an arbitration; how professional e-books are shifting paradigms in legal research; and how recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court are limiting the reach of the U.S. Courts in addressing matters arising abroad. As always, we hope that you enjoy the newsletter, and find it valuable, and we thank our contributors for their submissions. 

The full newsletter can be accessed below.