The Council’s Legal and Professional Services Executive Committee fosters relationships between U.S. and Indian companies to facilitate the understanding of the laws, regulations, and legal frameworks in both countries. The Committee also promotes professional exchanges and introductions through round tables, webinars, and conferences thereby encouraging business. It also leads trade missions to India to directly forge policy reforms and develop platforms for members to interact with major multinational institutions and government officials

​Liberalization of Legal Services
The Legal and Professional Services Executive Committee advocates for phased-in opening of the legal services market in India. Legal and professional services are the instrumental for furthering the U.S.-India commercial relationship. Unfettered access to the best legal, accounting, and economic minds that these two great nations possess is the engine that will support large, increasingly complex, multinational transactions to go smoothly. The Council has therefore intensified its focus on this important aspect of the bilateral business relationship.

Platform for Business
The Legal and Professional Services Executive Committee provides a platform for the growth of legal and professional firms by allowing them to serve as knowledge experts. The Committee also fosters introductions to corporate clients and government representatives to further grow their practices.

Legal Services Conference
The Council’s Legal Services Conference has become an institution, bringing together senior lawyers from top companies and law firms from both the United States and India, who are committed to advancing the U.S.-India commercial and strategic partnership. The purpose of the conference is to chart the way forward and strengthen the bonds of U.S.-India enterprise, commercial opportunity, and friendship. The conference provides a global stage to discuss legal and regulatory issues, such as issues related to
tax, mergers and acquisition, and compliance program by corporate entities, among others.

Webinars and Programs
The Council regularly works with members to host programs and webinars profiling the expertise of law firms and consultants on topics of interest to member companies.

Through industry-led trade missions, meetings, and private one-on-one introductions, the Council facilitates introductions and interactions with companies and fellow legal and professional services professionals.

For more information, please contact Amy Hariani, Director and Legal Policy Counsel, or Michael Green, Manager of Policy Advocacy.