The Food and Agriculture Executive Committee is made up of companies representing the entire farm-to-market supply chain. The Committee focuses on advocating policies under three overarching goals:

(1) Enhancing productivity
(2) Improving supply chain efficiency
(3) Leveraging global markets, products, and expertise to improve the investment environment in agriculture.

Enhance Productivity
Agriculture accounts for 17% of GDP and employs more than 50% of the Indian workforce. However, production has been declining over the past decade due to a variety of factors,including outdated farming methods, water issues, and urban migration. The committee is dedicated to introducing mechanization, irrigation, and other modern methods to improve production and best utilize India’s farmland.

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency
A lack of “plow to plate” supply contributes to 40% or more of all food produced in India spoiling before it reaches the market. The Committee is working with Indian and U.S. companies to develop efficiency in cold chain management systems, in efforts to make India “food-secure.”

Food Safety Standards and Industry Best Practices
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been hampered by an unclear mandate that has led to slow product approvals and backlogs at ports of entry. Developing a capacity- building program would promote a transparent, science-based regulatory regime and help alleviate the product approval backlog to ensure that safe food gets to the Indian consumer in a quick and efficient manner.

White Papers
Submitted comments to the Government of India on topics including food safety reform, labeling issues, tariffs, and food processing policy

Successfully led a food and agriculture trade mission to India.

Washington, D.C.
Facilitated member interactions with the departments of State, Commerce and Agriculture, as well as the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, with a focus on reinvigorating the U.S.-India agricultural relationship.

For more information on participating in the Food and Agriculture Executive Committee, please contact Sumona Guha