This vertical is committed to working with Indian and US policy makers to support India’s education projects, and work with member companies to further develop their CSR policies, helping them to channel CSR funds into effective initiatives, both longstanding and new. With a special focus on Education and Skill Development, it aims to promote mutual understanding through facilitating dialogues in academics and skill development in both countries.  The vertical offers an exclusive platform for key stakeholders to promote and amplify their initiatives as well as forge strategic partnerships in India and the U.S. 

The Indian economy is now growing at about 7%, faster than any other large country in the world. The Council endeavours to ensure that together with the investment of the private sector, promoting responsible business practices continue to play an important role in contributing to this growth.

  • Assisting corporates to channel their CSR funds into effective development projects.
  • Identifying and developing collaborations between key stakeholders and providing for them a platform for dialogue.
  • Building partnerships to support sector specific education and skill development programs.
  • Leveraging technology to spread access to education.
  • Developing transnational standards to strengthen skills mobility and facilitate greater access to skilled labour across countries.
  • Advocating on behalf of our members to the government, to allow them to make greater contribution to the education and skill development sector by streamlining regulations.
  • Institutional collaboration across sectors
  • Creating and maintaining a database of member companies’ CSR area of work
  • Providing necessary access to both companies and government alike looking to partner with universities to promote research in areas close to their operations.
  • Activating the objectives of the MoU signed between USIBC and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
  • Developing a tripartite agreement with the government and specific member companies with a concrete set of deliverables that can be offered to both member companies/ universities and the government
  • Working towards enhancing teaching and learning resources
  • Providing course content in skill development in partnership with universities
  • Tailor made programs as per the requirement of our members

For more information, please contact Nick Mancini.