The Digital Economy Committee’s goal is to be the premier platform between business leaders and their government counterparts in the U.S.-India digital economy corridor. The Committee formulates an annual work plan targeting issues important to member companies and leverages key platforms like the U.S.-India ICT Dialogue and the U.S.-India Cyber Dialogue. It also holds roundtables and conferences in both the United States and India. In addition, the Committee leads industry trade missions to India to advocate for policy reforms and develop platforms for members to interact with executives from major multinational technology companies and government officials.

Standards and Regulatory Reform 
The Government of India is in the process of developing regulatory schemes to ensure security for network elements and safety for Indian consumers. Member companies actively engage with the Government of India to advocate for globally recognized standards and mutual recognition of testing facilities worldwide.

Internet Governance
Internet-based technologies such as the Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) are great equalizers for societies across the globe. The Council is working with government offcials from both the United States and India to encourage India’s participation in multi-stakeholder forums of Internet Governance, which has allowed the Internet to flourish globally.

As the Government of India ramps up its efforts to protect the nation from cybersecurity threats, member companies have the opportunity to work with the government to shape India’s nascent cyber policy to foster business opportunities while protecting companies’ valuable digital assets.

The Council is engaged in an ongoing campaign to advocate for 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in business to consumer e-commerce. This reform will boost employment, infrastructure development, and sourcing from local manufacturers while
offering Indian consumers a greater variety of goods at affordable prices.

Product Testing
Extended impractical deadlines for the national security testing policies and successfully advocated for partial reforms to regulations under the Compulsory Registration Order for product safety testing.

Intellectual Property
Successfully campaigned for the removal of regulations requiring the disclosure of source code for software products sold in India.

Preferential Market Access
Organized and led a global coalition of companies and organizations to successfully advocate for the removal of India’s Preferential Market Access notication as it applied to private sector procurement.

ICT Dialogue
The U.S.-India ICT Dialogue was suspended from 2012 to 2014. In 2015, the Council hosted the only industry interaction with the U.S.government and the Government of India on ICT issues and succeeded in its campaign to resume the government-to-government dialogue.

Jay Gullish has passionately promoted digital development in more than twenty countries over his 25 years of experience in government, industry, and civil society across the telecoms, information technology, satcom, and cyber sectors.  He has a reputation as an innovative critical thinker and industry expert known for thought leadership, problem solving and an ability to get the job done. 

Most recently, he served as a digital policy officer at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi covering ICT issues including cyber policy, telecommunications, information technology, digital inclusion, and commercial space.  He aligned U.S. cyber policy toward India across multiple in-country USG agencies and consulates on behalf of the State Department's Coordinator for Cyber Issues (S/CCI). Jay was in the in-country lead for the U.S.-India ICT Working Group and the U.S.-India Cyber Consultations. 

Jay previously worked in India's outsourcing industry, and has lived and worked in India for more than five years.  He has international technology experience in Southern Africa, Israel, and Vietnam.

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